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3-Months Post-Surgery and Active Phoenix Resident Jordan is Ready to Hit the Slopes Again

3-Months Post-Surgery and Active Phoenix Resident Jordan is Ready to Hit the Slopes Again

Jordan is an active 22-year-old who loves pretty much every outdoor sport, especially any with the word “board” in them, including wakeboarding, longboarding and snowboarding.

“I like snowboarding, but snowboarding doesn’t like me,” joked Jordan after a snowboarding accident this winter resulted in a broken wrist that required orthopedic surgery.

Like so many patients, Jordan turned to Google to search for an orthopedic doctor close to him and that could see him quickly. He found Dr. Eric Novack, board certified orthopedic surgeononline and called for an appointment. Fortunately, Dr. Novack’s office reserves some appointment times each week for urgent orthopedic injuries and could see Jordan the very day he called.

“I feel really lucky to have found Dr. Novack,” shared Jordan. “I met someone about a week after my first appointment with Dr. Novack who also chose him as her doctor. She had done a lot of research and said Dr. Novack was ‘the best’ orthopedic doctor in the city. He was also honest with her that her injury did not require surgery, which I liked.”

While some orthopedic wrist injuries can be healed non-surgically with conservative treatment, Jordan’s break was too severe and required surgery. After a successful outpatient surgery with Dr. Novack to repair his broken wrist, Jordan hoped for a fast and full recovery.

“Everyone told me that it would take about four-months minimum to make a full recovery,” shared Jordan. “I am now three-months post-op and at almost 100% recovery with range-of-motion, although I still have some tightness in my wrist, it is very minimal.”

Jordan worked with Connie Tillmans, MS, Athletic Trainerfor rehab through TheramMe, Dr. Novack’s onsite orthopedic rehab program. TheraMe is an alternative to physical therapy, where patients learn exercises they can do at home, saving time, travel and resources.

“I had a great experience with TheraMe,” said Jordan. “Connie could not believe how well I recovered – I was very dedicated to doing the exercises every day that she and Dr. Novack prescribed and I’m still doing them.”

Jordan shared that he had an overall great experience with Dr. Novack and his orthopedic team, including Ashley and Sandra at the front desk who he said made him feel so welcomed. “The whole crew is really good! And, they all put up with me,” he concluded laughing.







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