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Active Snowbird Skips Surgery in Favor of TheraMe Rehab Program to Make Speedy Recovery from Tibial Plateau Fracture

Active Snowbird Skips Surgery in Favor of TheraMe Rehab Program to Make Speedy Recovery from Tibial Plateau Fracture

Charlene is an active Arizona snowbird who hails from Nebraska. Charlene and her husband recently purchased a home in Phoenix and are enjoying decorating it. Unfortunately, a 6-foot fall from a ladder while Charlene was accessing a high built-in wall shelf in her new home in late December resulted in a fall that left her with a tibial plateau fracture.

A tibial plateau is a break of the upper part of the tibia (shinbone) that involves the knee joint.
“It’s basically my shinbone getting rammed into my thighbone,” as Charlene described her injury.

After an initial visit to the ER, where her test results were shared with Eric Novack, MD, board certified orthopedic surgeon, she saw him in his office a few days later for follow-up. “I was very pleased with Dr. Novack and his office staff,” said Charlene. “Everyone was so professional and pleasant – and I loved the office dog, Doc!”

Charlene and her husband found Dr. Novack to be very down-to-earth, honest and conservative in his approach and communication. “Dr. Novack explained everything to me and shared that my injury used to always indicate surgery, but now they’re finding that with my particular injury the right rehabilitation can also result in a good outcome and often faster recovery than surgery.”

“I was very impressed with how honest Dr. Novack was about the fact that many people with my injury heal faster without surgery,” added Charlene.

After discussing her options with Dr. Novack, Charlene decided to hold on surgery and try Dr. Novack’s TheraMe rehab program – an alternative to physical therapy located right in Dr. Novack’s office – with Connie Tillmans, MS, LAT, ATC, FMS-C.

“I absolutely loved working with Connie and the TheraMe program, as Connie is so knowledgeable and tailors the program she develops for you specifically to your needs and goals,” said Charelne. “TheraMe is filling a true gap in healthcare by providing an affordable and effective altnernative to physical therapy, which can be very expensive and time-consuming.”

With a relatively high insurance deductible, as so many people have now, that she hadn’t met, TheraMe at $60 a session for just a few sessions was a much better option than physical therapy for Charlene.

“Dr. Novack and Connie could tell I was very motivated to learn the exercises and would be very disciplined with doing them at home,” she stated. Charlene also liked how TheraMe was integrated with her care with Dr. Novack and her sessions with Connie were right in Dr. Novack’s office in the TheraMe space.

Now, less than 2 months later, Charlene has made an almost full recovery. “Connie can’t believe how good my range of motion is,” she shared adding how much she appreciates Connie’s deep knowledge and expertise about movement and rehab.

Charlene said she would recommend Dr. Novack and his team to her friends and family. She values how Dr. Novack views patients as whole people and works with them on the best care plan based on their individual needs and goals. Charlene added that the staff are also fantastic from the friendly front office ladies Ashley and Sandra to the excellent x-ray technician Jolynn.

“I’m heading back to Nebraska soon,” said Charlene. “I’m looking forward to being back in Arizona again next winter and getting to do some hiking, which my injury prevented me from doing this year.”

In the meantime, Charlene is getting back to the activities she enjoys, including yoga, biking, golf, spin class and flower gardening. She’s also glad to be back on her feet to enjoy her family, which includes two grown children and two grandchildren.

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