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Stephanie is Dr. Novack’s Certified-Physician Assistant and specializes in orthopedic medicine. She was born in Hawaii to a military family and was seen only by PA-Cs, which ultimately drove her to want to become one herself. As a result of growing up in a military...

Did you think you were done getting vaccines once you became an adult? Think again! Here's an article I helped co-author alongside Dr. Roy, a family physician at HonorHealth Medical Group- South Tempe, which describes 6 vaccine you should consider getting as an adult. I...

Jordan is an active 22-year-old who loves pretty much every outdoor sport, especially any with the word “board” in them, including wakeboarding, longboarding and snowboarding. “I like snowboarding, but snowboarding doesn’t like me,” joked Jordan after a snowboarding accident this winter resulted in a broken wrist...

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