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Pediatric Orthopedic Patient Gracie Heals Perfectly from Two Fracture Injuries

Pediatric Orthopedic Patient Gracie Heals Perfectly from Two Fracture Injuries

Gracie is a typical 4th grader who loves making slime and playing tether ball, in addition to playing the ukulele. She has been a patient of board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Eric Novack on two different occasions, resulting from accidents common for active kids.

The first-time Gracie saw Dr. Novack was in 2016 for a fractured wrist due to a fall. The second time, in 2018, was for a tether ball injury that resulted in a fractured pinky finger. For both injuries, Dr. Novack diagnosed the fractures through x-rays and physical exam. Surgery was not needed – as it often isn’t in the case of children’s fractures, unless the fracture is severe, due to how fast the bones heal. Dr. Novack put Gracie in a cast for both the wrist and pinky finger fractures and let time time do its magic to heal the injuries.

Gracie’s parents found Dr. Novack through the ER doctor’s recommendation when they took Gracie to the emergency room after her first wrist fracture injury. Both Gracie and her mom Ericka would highly recommend Dr. Novack. Both fracture injuries healed perfectly and Gracie made a full recovery and is back to playing tether ball.

“Dr. Novack is kind, funny and always knows what treatment will work best,” said Gracie. She added that his office dogs are so cute and the staff is so helpful.

Pediatric Orthopedics & Children’s Fractures

In addition to general orthopedics and his adult patient base, Dr. Novack treats a very large volume of childrens’ orthopedic conditions including most fractures, overuse and other injuries and issues.  As we say, “children are not just little adults.” The decision making and discussion and treatment and rehabilitation are very different than for adults in many cases. Having the patience and ability to have those conversations with kids and parents is something Dr. Novack and his staff take very seriously.

Growing children have the ability to straighten out broken bones in many cases—as remarkable and unbelievable as it is to Moms and Dads when they see the injury X-rays! This lets us let the child’s own body ‘do the work’ – and the human body is always much smarter than we are!

Sometimes, of course, the degree of injury or shifting of the bones (displacement) is such that ‘the body needs help’ so more needs to be done—sometimes just pushing the bones into better position, sometimes it involves needing to make an incision or use pins or more to hold the bone in the proper position for the best long-term outcome.

We never want our children hurt or hurting—and our inability as the parent ‘to make it all better’ is scary for both the child and the parent. Dr. Novack and his wonderful, caring staff want to help make the ‘unpleasant’ as ‘least miserable as possible’ for both children and parents.

Working together—patients, families, doctor and staff—we will aim to get your child back to doing all the things he or she needs to do and likes to do as quickly as possible!

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